Well Diameter Questions

Question: What size well will your pump Fit?
Answer: Our pump won't fit in a 1-1/4" sand point well.  Other limitations with the exception of being able to add our pump alongside a primary pump in small 3" diameter wells. All Handy Well Pumps will fit in openings as small as 2". The Handy Well Pump requires a standard 1-1/4" pipe opening (1 .66"-1.75") in the well seal. It will fit through the hole in the seal without having to remove the seal if you are using our threaded rod system. If you are using the Pipe adapters then you will have to remove the well seal to install the pump and reinstall the seal after the pump is installed.

Question:  I have an old well with a steel 2" casing. Will The Handy well Pump work in my  well?
Answer: In most cases all Handy Well Pumps will work in an old steel casing If there is built up rust on the inside of the casing the rust might have to be removed.  Lower the pump carefully into the well. If it  feels like it's going to bind, stop and take care of the build-up on the casing. Use a threaded 1 1/4" steel coupler mounted onto lengths of 1 1/4" PVC pipe with an adapter on one end to accept the steel coupler. Slowly work the coupler down into the well in small increments to remove the rust build-up. If the water level in the casing is high enough, it shouldn't create a problem with debris in the bottom.

Question:  I have a well with a PVC casing that is 2" on the inside. Will your pump work?
 Answer: All Handy Well Pumps will fit. Our pump assemblies are 1.66" at the widest point if using our Stainless steel rod system. If using the pipe adapter system then the diameter will be around 1.95" and it will still work.

Question: My well is 4". Can I put your pump alongside my existing well pump?
Answer: In most cases you can. In some cases a 4" well with a pitless adapter can give problems but usually those can be done as also.
An easy way to set your well up for two pumps is to use one of our Well Seals located on the Well Seal Assortment Page