Well Depth Questions

depth chart

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Question:  I don't know how deep the water is in my well. How do I find out?

Answer: Please refer to Knowing Your Water Level
Question:  My well is 400' deep. Will your pump work for me?
Actually, the depth of your well is not very important. The important question is; How deep is the water and how deep is it during a dry spell? Your static water level may change a bit over the year.  15' to 20' below your current static water level is usually a sufficient depth for our pump.Water levels can change a bit over the year but usually a water table will only drop drastically as the aquifer is depleted from overuse.If your well is in a mountain setting then it could be dependant on a fissure in rock  or underground stream. This type of well can fluctuate dramatically over the year.
Question: How deep will your pumps draw water from?
Answer: All Handy Well Pumps will now operate from 200'+. We have had reports from customers that have gone deeper. One customer claimed that he was pumping from 212' with our HWP model. The chart to the right shows the pumping capacities.
Question: How far above my submersible pump should your pump be installed?
Answer: The distance varies based on the depth of your well in relationship to your static water level. As a rule of thumb we like to see a minimum of 20' of separation between the two pumps. In some cases this isn't possible. Say you have a well that is 80' deep with a static water level of 60' and a low recovery rate. You wouldn't be able to install our pump much farther than 5' from your submersible. Fortunately most people don't use both pumps simultaneously and drawing the well down with a hand pump is much harder to do than with an electric pump. 

Question: I want to install my pump by itself with no other pump in the well. Should I go close to the bottom or should I keep it higher in the well?
Answer: There is no reason to put the hand pump close to the bottom unless it is a shallow well to begin with where you have limited space. If you can, maintain the 20'  below static water level. If you are unable to do that then try to get as much cover as you can get over the pump. The pump will operate in as little water as 2'. The reason for the 20' below the water recommendation is to give a reasonable area for water recovery as you pump. It isn't a hard fast rule.