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Our Pumps Come In Two Different models.

Both of our pumps are an exceptional value. The HWP Tee handle pump shown on the left side of the screen and the OP-360 lever handle pump shown on the right side of the screen. They are both constructed of the same high quality US manufactured components with the single exception that the handles and head pieces are different. Please take a few minutes to go over our pumps description. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how  affordable a quality  US manufactured hand pump can be.

Handle Overview and Considerations
The HWP Tee Handle Pump has a 1" diameter solid 6061 aluminum alloy handle with contoured grips. This pump is useful in shallow well, deep well and water transfer applications. With our pumps and using the Tee handle model the only consideration is that when pumping from deeper wells over 50 to 60 feet in depth it can become difficult to operate over time.
As an example,
The weight of the water in a 3/4" drop pipe is .19 pounds per ft.  At 25 feet this equals 4.75 pounds of vertical lifting force needed. At 50 feet it is doubled to 9.5 pounds. Add the weight of the extension rods and it becomes about 17 pounds at 50 of depth. While not difficult for most people to lift it can become stressful when done in a repeated fashion
. We recommend the HWP be used in shallower wells under 50 feet and for water transfer from wells to storage tanks, from tanks to a water system or even to irrigate a garden.
If you aren't sure which model is best for your pumping needs, you can purchase the HWP now and if you find it's difficult to pump you can upgrade to a lever handle model by purchasing the handle separately at a later date.

The OP-360 Lever Handle Pump has a 1-1/8" diameter solid 6061 aluminum alloy handle with a contoured grip and aluminum alloy hinge mechanisms that allow for a very leveraged operation. This means that when pumping water at a 50' level, the lifting force needed to bring the water to the surface will be a fraction of the force needed with the HWP. In other words, less work, more water. This allows you to operate the pump for extended periods without fatigue. Furthermore, if the pumping depth is doubled to 100 feet, the force needed is a little more but we have allowed for that by making sure that the fulcrum is correct for deeper pumping. If operating in a very deep well over 250 feet, a handle extension is available to allow for greater leverage. Depths of over 300' can be achieved with this system while retrieving an adequate amount of water.

The Handy Well Pump Head Assembly-Standard on Our Pumps

hwp-head-assembly-horizontal-800The head assembly is common on our pumps and consists of  1.65 diameter x 22" long U.S. made 304 stainless steel heavy wall tubing. The upper guide and seal assembly creates a permanent water tight seal between the stainless tube and the Head Cap. The lower female threaded portion is a machined stainless steel insert that is Tig welded to the head assembly for a permanent water tight fit. The outflow is a machined 304 stainless steel component with 3/4" NPT. threads to allow the attachment various outflow options. The cap on our pumps is a machined 6061 aluminum component designed to hold the lift rod centered and maintain a backing for the internal seal. The lift rod is a polished 7/16" diameter x 22" long threaded 304 stainless component designed to keep a stable connection between the handle and the other moving parts of the pump assembly.

Stainless Steel Pump Assembly-Standard on Our Pumps

Our pumps are constructed of US produced, high quality stainless steel and  rival the most expensive hand pumps on the market. The pump cylinder is made from highly polished medical pump-assembly-400grade stainless steel tubing. This is the same material that is used in research facilities, hospitals, dairies and other sterile applications. The lower end is constructed from NSF61 grade Delrin and machined in our shop.The upper end is tig welded 304 stainless steel threaded fitting to insure a watertight connection for the life of the pump.

Nylatron Piston

Rugged simple piston

At the heart of our pumps is the piston. We manufacture our own pistons from NSF61 Nylatron LFG. The self lubricating properties of these pistons allow for the design to be both easy to operate and have the ability to seal for many years. Unlike some more expensive pumps that uses soft PVC in it's pistons ours are made for the long haul. We also use two special EPDM U-seals designed for strength and longevity. They are the food safe version of the same seals you would find in high pressure hydraulic rams. Our simple yet effective pistons can  function at depths of over 300' with little to no friction loss and still develop enough pressure to move water to an uphill tank or pressurize a water system. At the center of the piston is a highly accurate (.0005+-") hardened stainless steel ball that come to us in special trays like eggs so that they won't bounce off of each other during shipment. Our piston ball seats are diamond ground to a 4 micron finish for an accurate water tight fit.

Our foot valve is designed to be removable so that the pump can be used as either a shallow well pump or a deep well pump. When the pump assembly is connected directly to the head assembly a 3/4" drop pipe can be attached to the bottom of the pump for distances of up to 28' at sea level. The foot valve is then connected to the bottom of the drop pipe.foot-valve-adapter
When the foot valve is connected to the bottom of the pump assembly then the pump can be used as a deep well pump and Extension Sets would be used to go as deep as is needed.

Universal Well Seal Adapter-Standard on Our Pumps

Other pump manufacturers want you to buy an expensive well seal for use with their pump that will only work with their pump. We thought that we could come up with a better an more affordable process for attaching our pumps or even possibly another manufacturers pump to just about any flat surface well seal on the market.
After a bit of trial and error we finally came up with what is a superior solution to attaching a hand pump to a well seal. Our new Universal Well Seal Adapter will fit from 2 inch seals all the way up to 8 inch seals and anywhere in between. On most seals the slots on the adapter will allow you to use the existing bolt holes in the seal and just exchange the bolts for the stainless steel bolts we provide with the adapter.
One of these adapters is provided in every one of our pump systems. You can purchase a well seal from us or use your own.  If you would like a Universal Well Seal Adapter for another pump other than ours, they are available HERE. We manufacture the Universal Well Seal Adapter here in our own shop and they are not available anywhere else.

crimp well seal adapter with bolts

Universal Well Seal Adapter

Crimp Style on Seal


Convertible Outflow- Standard on Our Pumps

Our Pumps have a convertible outflow that is included with every pump system. This allows you to choose between pumping through a garden hose, pumping into a bucket or hard piping into an existing or new water line. The lead free brass check valve has a relief screw to facilitate draining down the pump in freezing conditions.

Model OP-360

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Rugged head piece rotates 360 deg.

Water Tight Upper Seal and Guide

Handy Well Pump Upper Seal and Rod Guide