More Choices-Better Prices.

There are a lot of different situations with regards to pump installations. Different well sizes, different well depths and different water levels in those wells. We could probably take care of all of that with one model.  But there are a lot of different situations such as climate, use and budget that compelled us to make different models for different applications. We wanted to make sure that everyone with a well, or storage tank could pump water in an emergency or use one of our pumps full time if they chose to. Even on a very limited budget. What other hand well pump company's call inexpensive is far from it.


Options, Options, Options.

  • When you purchase one of Our kits, everything threads together so there is no need to worry about glue like other hand pump makers.
  • When you buy one of our very affordable pumps, we supply the pump and head assembly plus a fitting set to get your project finished. Optionally we can supply our extension sets  for your project.
  • Our Lever Handle pumps were designed to perform as well as, if not better than the high priced lever pumps on the market. we use comparable materials and charge less than half as much. And ours are easier to operate. Even in extremely cold weather.

HWP-E T-HandleHWP-E-2015-display-07012015-800

HWP Stainless T-HandleHand Well Pump Model HWP-2015

HWP-L Stainless Lever HandleHand Well Pump Models HWP-L