Handy Well Pump guide

Although our hand well pumps are easy to install  it is important to start armed with enough knowledge to get your installation done quickly and without incident. Reading through and understanding the following pages will help you to be prepared to do your installation before your pump arrives. And we are always available by phone or by using the CONTACT US page

Hand Well Pump Frequently Asked Questions answered by The Wise Owl

Water Well Types

There are a number of different types of wells that are common throughout the country. We will discuss the more common ones. A well can vary in diameter from 1 1/4" to over 4'. The only one that we can't adapt to is the 1 1/4" well. This is usually a well installation using... READ MORE

Knowing Your Water Level

We get lots of calls and emails from prospective customers who want to purchase a hand well pump system from us and proceed to give us their well depth information without including the (Static) or resting water level in their well. Sometimes a customers well will... READ MORE...

Calculate Your Pump System.

Knowing what components you need can sometimes be a little tricky. We want to help make things easy for you. Using the form to the right, fill in and check the options that... READ MORE...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question and answer listed below please ask your question in our reply area at the bottom of the question pages and we will get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible. Your question and answer will then ...READ MORE...


Our current hand well pump and accessory video selection is listed here. We have kept our earlier videos up as well because... READ MORE..

Customer Completed Projects

From time to time a customer will send us images of their completed project. Most of the images and galleries here so far are of our pumps prior to some design changes we made in the handle during June of 2013. As customers send in photos we will post them and add to this gallery. READ MORE...