Why a Handy Well Pump?

The Handy Well Pump is the most affordable U.S. built hand well pump on the market today.
In this hand well pump overview we look at the differences between The Handy Well Pump and other pumps. As you will see when you read on, High Tech isn't always Good Tech.

  • Having a way to supply water that is not dependant on power is becoming more and more important with the state of our nations infrastructure.
  • The Handy Well Pumps come in the most available models of any pump. All of our pumps are easy to install and just as easy to use. Check out what our customers say on their own blogs.
  • Whether you decide to buy our very affordable HWP-E TEE handle model, our HWP Stainless TEE handle model, or our HWP-L Lever Handle you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy to install and operate they are.
  • Every quality, US made pump is sent with an instructional DVD as well as an easy to follow set of written instructions.
  • Handy Well Pump has a good reputation. Check us out on Amazon.

Easy To Pump

Our pumps are designed differently than most other hand well pumps on the market. Most pumps require that you fill the outer pump casing with water and then... Read More....

A Simple Hand Well Pump.

Most Other Pumps...
In many situations where water is being pumped from well where there are suspended solids, a pump with traditional seals can be ruined in short order. A few grains of sand can... Read More...

More Choices-Better Prices.

There are a lot of different situations out there.
From different well sizes to different well depths. We could probably take care of all of that with one model. But there... Read More...

HWP-E-2015-display-300HWP-E Tee Handle Pump

Hand Well Pump Model HWP-2015HWP Stainless Steel Tee Handle Pump

 Hand Well Pump Models HWP-L

HWP-L Stainless Steel Lever Handle Pump