Customer Completed Projects

From time to time a customer will send us images of their customer completed projects. Most of the images and galleries here, so far, are of our pumps before we made some design changes to the handle during June of 2013. As customers send in photos we will post them and add to this gallery. If you have any comments or questions about them please ask. We look forward to hearing from you. If you want your own images added just contact us and we will happily add your project to the growing list.
 As of March 1, 2016 we have changed the design of our Handy Well Pump to a more conventional lift pump. We will add to our gallery as images come in from our customers. We are leaving our older style pump images here for entertainment and whatever other interest you may have in them

Mikes Steel Handle Pump

HWP Steel Handle Installed In The Woods This was a nice installation located in the back woods. There is no power and the customer wanted to use this pump as a backup when the spring dried up in late summer. Bruce, “Thanks for the help on the phone. I’ll be saying good things about the Handy well Pump on my blog”. Mike

Darrell’s HWP-L Installed In A Pasture

HWP-L in two inch well This HWP-L Lever Handle pump was installed in a pasture.   I finished installing the pump last week and am very satisfied with the outcome so I thought I would send you a few pictures in case you wanted them for your site,  you are welcome to use them and my views of your product. The well on my property was there when we moved in but were told it was not good enough to run the household so we just hooked up to the Rural Water system that was going along the property line.  Since years have passed and along with my Mother in Law backing into the above ground pipe I decided to do some searching and checking into making it serviceable.  Bottom of the hole was 23 ft. with only a 3 ft. water level above that so I contacted you on the website and was told that the pump would work with that amount of water and it has done just fine although we are only pumping about 10 gallons a day which in a power outage or emergency would do just fine for my wife and I and 2 horses so I am very happy and applaud you for a good product and help during the install. Regards Darrell x xxxxxxx Hays, Kansas

Allen’s Installation

This pump installation was in a very restricted space. The customer needed a pump that would be easy to access yet not take up any unavailable space. He also didn’t want to remodel his pump room to make space available. The Handy Well Pump  Model HWP-CK20 fit the bill on this installation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAllen #2Allen #3

Bob #1 Installation

759824_origThis pump was installed in a cold climate where a pitless adapter had previously been installed inside the well casing. Rather than alter his metal well seal Bob chose to add a concrete box and extend his casing above the well head. This is about an 80′ installation. The weep holes in the extension pipe will keep the pump from being damaged by freezing water. However care should be taken if using the pump at temperatures below freezing for extended periods.

Bob #2 Installation

Bobs handy Well Pump Installation 1 Bobs Handy Well Pump Installation 2This was a special case where the owner needed to get by an especially bulky pitless adapter in a 5″ well. Normally they aren’t an issue in a well this diameter. But here..?  What he ended up doing was taking the pitless adapter with the existing pump line connected to it up above the top of the well head. He then lowered our pump down to below the level of where the pitless sits. Then, returning the pitless adapter to its original place in the well, he started connecting pipes. Notice that he is gluing pipes in this special case. This is because he only has 1 3/4″ between his adapter and the side of the casing. We sell these special fittings  if you contact us for this rare application. When he completed his installation  he had a very functional emergency hand pump in his well house. Here are his words: Hi Bruce….Thanks for all your help!…It Works!   some details:…Since it was inside a well house….I used 5′ sections… You were right…I didn’t need to make the Smaller fittings slide through the larger ones…! Water level was 27’…..went down to 40’… Sending a couple more pictures…..let me know if they’ll work for you! I’ll leave you some Positive feedback! Bob

Dons Pump And Pressure Tank Build

This customer wanted to build his own pressure tank after I advised him how easy it was. Great installation and the tank pressurizes what he needs it to without having to pump up a big bladder tank.   Customers Words; Bruce,
Will you please send me the plans for the pressure tank? Thanks!
Put the well in today down about 85 feet (static water = 50 ft.)….works great! Done in less than 2 hours!
Great product I will recommend highly
Its on a 650ft well with 50ft static. It was abandoned because it did not produce enough for the garden,  lawns and orchards…plenty for this type of use!
Thanks Again,
Don xxxxxxxDons Handy well Pump Pressure Tank Build 1Dons Handy Well Pump Pressure Tank Build 2Dons Handy well Pump Pressure Tank Build 3

George and Sharon’s Well

This was a complicated installation of one of the first Stainless steel TEE handle units. Our company’s involvement in this one was extensive from start to finish. We have since changed to a steel exterior section as well. It was necessary to resurrect the well before  installing The Handy Well Pump. This was an old well with a steel casing that had rusted through. The well was dug out and a new casing installed inside the old one. I hope to give a complete photo gallery description on a new page called Dig Your Own Well in the near future, or as time permits.

George Pumping 1   George Pumping 2Sharon Pumping

Neils’ Pump

Neils' Pump Installation A nice 60′ deep installation in a back yard setting using an old abandoned well. The pump is mostly used for irrigation purposes. BRUCE, THANKS FOR THE ASAP REPLY, ORDERED KIT THROUGH AMAZON. I SAW YOUR VIDEO AND WILL CHECK STATIC LEVEL AND ORDER EXTENSIONS AS NEEDED AND A 6INCH WELL SEAL DIRECT FROM YOU.THANK YOU KINDLY FOR ALL YOU DO. NEILS

Bill’s Installation

This was another very tight installation where only a TEE handle pump would work. It’s one of our earlier models before we started including the head assembly with schedule 80 riser pipe. Notice the check valve  on the handle. We have since stopped putting that on the handle and put one on our pressure tank. That way there is an open flow for filling buckets, etc. And when you need to pressurize your system you can still easily do it from the tank. This is an 80′ deep installation. Bill #1Bill #2Bill #3Bill #4

Children’s Garden

Even a small child can use our Handy well Pump This customer contacted us several times before purchasing our Handy Well Pump so that she would be sure it would work in her Children’s Garden. She wanted to make sure that the pump wouldn’t be to difficult for the students to work. As you can see, this isn’t a problem. It’s child’s play. We did eventually upgrade the handle to a stainless steel one for her because the students were a bit rough on the PVC one.

A Stealth Pump Installation

This was an interesting install. The customer had purchased one of those cheap “EZ” e-bay pump kits and couldn’t get it to pump water. He contacted us to see if we could help. We ended up building him a special high volume pump that would produce a lot of water in a short time and in a small area. Notice that the handle fits inside the well cap. This is because in the neighborhood that he lives, The CCR’s don’t allow for any second water systems. Also, he indicated that the property developers owned his water rights. So even though he owns the well, the water line has a meter on it. It looks like he found a way around that bit of greediness.

Stealth Pump#1

Stealth Pump #4Stealth Pump #6Stealth Pump #3Stealth Pump #5Stealth Pump #2

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