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We have permanently stopped the manufacture of Handy Well Pumps. If you need parts, they are available on our parts page. If you need assistance with an installation please use our contact page. Thank you for your support over the years. is your Trusted, Online Hand Water Well Pump Source.

  • SAFETY, SECURITY AND AFFORDABILITY.  The Handy Well Pump will provide water for your family's needs for many years to come in just about any circumstance.
  • THE HANDY WELL PUMP IS A MODERN HYBRID HAND PUMP that works as a shallow well suction pump, a deep well lift pump or an in line transfer pump in a vertical or horizontal configuration. This allows you to use the Handy Well Pump either directly over your deep well, in your basement directly connected to a waterline as a suction pump, or even mounted to your pump house wall as a way to get water from your storage tank to your pressure system. No other pump has this unique ability to be used in all three applications. Several customers even use our pump over their kitchen sink in their remote getaway and pull water directly from their shallow well or storage tank to the kitchen sink without hauling water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. As a suction pump in 28' deep or less situations the Handy Well Pump can be installed in a matter of minutes. As a deep well lift pump it can be installed in a couple of hours. Usually just by the home owner without outside help. And technical support is only a phone call or email away should you have questions.
  • EASY OPERATION.  The Handy Well Pump is designed for a combination of maximum water output and ease of user operation.
  • VERSATILE. As a hybrid pump, the Handy Well Pump can be installed in any shallow or deep well from 2" in diameter on up.
    It can be installed in a basement either vertically or horizontally.
    It can be installed over your kitchen sink at your cabin.
    It can be installed over your livestock watering trough.
  • EASILY PRESSURIZE YOUR HOME WATER SYSTEM. The Handy Well Pump comes with the basic parts you need to pressurize your home water system in the event of a power outage.
    While it's true that there are a variety of installation scenario's where different options are needed, we believe that when you purchase a pump from us, you should get everything you need to install that pump without being up-sold on needed unforeseen components that can literally double the cost of your installation. People shouldn't have to spend several thousand dollars to install a rugged emergency backup water system for their family. We've changed all that for the better.

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